01/16/2023 Insights

A Passion for Greek Olive Oil

Premium Greek olive oil and special olive-based products: new in our shop supplied by Rolf Roost and Sonja Roost-Weideli. After more than 25 years of selling directly to customers, they have now entrusted us with their remarkable business.

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01/06/2023 Recipes & more

Recipe: Kale Falafel

Okara is a by-product of soy production and is an excellent ingredient in savoury dishes, such as these kale falafel. Fried until deliciously golden brown and crisp, they taste wonderful served with a fresh salad and a yoghurt sauce. Recipe by Sarah-Vanessa, Velvet & Vinegar

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01/04/2023 Production Ecology

Testing For The Future

Agroforestry has been a key development in sustainable and organic agriculture for some time. But it's still much further along in theory than in practice. This is why our Greek partner Anyfion is cultivating a test and demonstration field. We took a closer look at the field in October 2022.

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Fonio from Togo

Some agricultural products from Europe are so cheap in Africa that local family farmers are unable to move their goods. Subsidies and our highly industrialised agriculture are to blame. To raise awareness of this issue, we're now importing grain from West Africa to Europe.

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Organic market in decline

Sales in the organic market are declining for the first time in 20 years. The entire industry is in crisis. We're also feeling the effects.

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