April 2020

04/30/2020 Production

The Macadamia Way

Nearly 5000 farming families, around 450 employees and one vision that unites them all: creating value in Kenya. Sounds like gebana? Not quite.

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04/21/2020 Production

Who harvests our asparagus?

We're selling organic asparagus grown by Beate Mayer and Sepp Keil again this year. Border closings and travel restrictions nearly made it impossible. Not everyone is pleased that the restrictions have been lifted.

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04/03/2020 Insights Company

Winners and losers in the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis has us firmly in its grip. At gebana, the virus has affected us in different ways. We’re working from home, direct shipping sales have increased, and in the South, a reduced number of people are working in processing, for safety reasons. Each day, we adapt to the situation and try to make the best of it.

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