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07/19/2023 Company Fair Trade

Sustainability Figures 2022

2022 was a tough year for gebana. Despite growing by 17 % year-on-year compared to 2021, we made a loss of €1.5 million. But we still worked towards more sustainability, more biodiversity and more fairness.

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11/23/2022 Fair Trade

How sharing changes reality

Family farmers don't earn enough. As a result, many of them live in poverty. We increase their income by sharing with them what we earn from the sale of their products. As we can now see, the gebana model has brought about real change.

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08/17/2022 Fair Trade

How do we stay in touch with over 10'000 family farmers?

Around 60 employees in Togo and Burkina Faso pay regular visits to the family farmers who supply us with their mangos, cashews, cocoa or soy. Our business model wouldn't work without these field agents. We spoke to two of them about their day-to-day work and the challenges they encounter.

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07/05/2022 Company Fair Trade

Sustainability Figures 2021

gebana experienced significant growth again in 2021 and once again generated more revenue than in the previous year. This growth enabled us to make global trade a bit fairer and a tad more sustainable.

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06/23/2022 Fair Trade

Profit-Sharing in Togo: Amount Doubled

This year, we have shared our turnover with 587 family farmers in Togo. We were able to increase the amount paid by a whopping 130 percent. We transferred the money to most of the families directly via their mobile phones – an advantage for both sides.

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04/20/2022 Insights Fair Trade

Why Honey from Mexico?

If you want to buy honey produced in Switzerland or Germany, you'll find it at farm shops or delis. But you're unlikely to find it at the supermarket and gebana doesn't carry it either. The reason is simple: local beekeepers don't produce enough to meet the current demand.

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04/14/2022 Insights Fair Trade

No Brazil nuts without the forest

Our Brazil nuts come from Coopavam in Brazil. The cooperative provides an income to more than 300 families in the heart of the rainforest. Co-founder Luzirene Coelho Lustosa explains how she helped make the small-scale project a success and thereby protect the forest in a country where deforestation and huge monocultures are everywhere.

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03/15/2022 Cocoa Fair Trade

Part 1: The value of cocoa

Without cocoa, there can be no chocolate. And without the family farmers who grow these crops, there would be no cocoa. Millions of these family farmers live in poverty. Pricing is only part of the problem. Small-scale farming practices also play a significant role.

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02/24/2022 Fair Trade

Caring for trees, sending children to school and buying medicine

In January and February 2022, the agricultural technicians from gebana Burkina Faso travelled across the country, paying out 10 percent of our profits from the sale of dried mangoes and cashew nuts to almost 3,000 family farmers. A few of the families told us what they think of these payments and what they plan to do with the money.

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