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10/19/2018 Recipes & more Oranges

Recipe: Orange Risotto with Chicken Involtini and Sautéed Fennel

Thirteen kilograms of oranges is quite a lot. But they can be used in all sorts of ways, as hobby chef Silvio Iacconi demonstrates. The 27-year-old is currently studying at the Swiss Hotel Management School of Lucerne (SHL). His passion for cuisine began – as he says – “in the cradle.” That’s because his “Nonna”, his grandmother as well as his mother were keen amateur chefs, and so he started helping out in the kitchen at a young age.

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Standing up to the Mafia

Libera Terra pasta is anything but ordinary. Its uniqueness stems from the way it's produced and has a lot to do with the ground in which the ingredients are grown. That's because it was confiscated from the Mafia.

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