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11/17/2021 Company Fair Trade

Chocolate from pioneers

We are expanding our chocolate range to include products from five pioneers. These five companies are actively fighting injustices in the cocoa trade while producing and trading for the benefit of farming families and the environment.

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11/15/2021 Fair Trade

Cooperation not competition

There are so many great ideas, projects and products out there! So we decided to present a bouquet full of ideas about how we can make the world more sustainable with food and drink. We support these ideas and invite you to join our call to action: let’s change trade – now!

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10/20/2021 Fair Trade

EU Export Rules Successfully Bypassed

In the 2020/21 orange season, we were able to ignore the EU standards for oranges for the first time and brought fruit to Switzerland in all the shapes, sizes and colours that nature has to offer. gebana customers were thrilled and farming families were able to export over 90 percent of their harvest. This year we want to reach 95 percent.

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06/17/2021 Fair Trade

Seasonal Throughout Switzerland

We import fresh produce when there is a limited supply of vegetables and fruits in Switzerland. So far, this has led to gaps in our seasonal calendar and a limited range in the local harvest months. That will change with the Switzerland Farmers Market.

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05/25/2021 Company Fair Trade

Sharing – Taking Darwinism to the Next Level

In the market economy, the best among us come out on top and reap all the rewards. It’s almost as if it were a law of nature. But in nature, which market Darwinism bases itself on, chance and selection are only the first act of the story. Things get more exciting when individuals or species learn to cooperate.

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05/21/2021 Insights Fair Trade

Harvest losses halved!

An exciting orange season has come and gone. For the first time, we were allowed to disregard export standards for shape, colour and size of the fruit with official permission from the EU – much to the surprise of the farming families and the local juice industry.

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