Dispelling the Myth That Organic Farming is Expensive

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In Greece, the myth persists that organic farming is more expensive than its conventional counterpart. In response, our local partners founded the Organic Agricultural Center.

Organic Agricultural Center

The Organic Agricultural Center is located between Nafplio and Argos, 200 metres from the hall where the oranges are packed in winter.

"The organic farmers here in Greece sometimes feel very alone. So far, there are only a few organic farms here," says Giorgos Stergiou, the co-founder of Anyfion. The company takes care of the export of our citrus fruit, melons, kiwis, pomegranates and grapes. gebana has a 20% stake in Anyfion.

One of the reasons why there are so few organic farmers in Greece is the myth that organic farming is more expensive than conventional. Plant care products and fertilizers for organic agriculture are thought to cost much more, a widespread misconception in Greece that simply isn’t true according to Stergiou.

With the Organic Agricultural Center, which opened on 1 April 2020, Stergiou and his team want to dispel that myth and convince farmers of the opposite. Located at Anyfion’s headquarters between Nafplio and Argos, the centre is a hub, a contact point for farmers in the region.

Here they can buy plant care products and fertilizers that are approved for certified organic cultivation, have their fruits and vegetables examined in a small laboratory, receive information on cultivation methods and exchange ideas with agronomists.

Organic Agricultural Center - inside

In the rearmost room of the Organic Agricultural Center, organic fertilizers and plant care products are stored and sold to organic and conventional farmers. A small laboratory has been set up in the middle room where they can have their fruits and plants examined.

Anyone Interested in the Environment Is Welcome

Such a centre satisfies the wishes of farming families in the Argolida region for more cohesion, for a place where they can not only get material, but also advice and know-how, says Giorgos Stergiou. That’s why his team not only sells fertilizers, but also offers training. As such, it is not aimed exclusively at organic farmers. "Everyone who is interested in the environment is welcome here."

The sale of fertilizers and plant care products is still important, as it will allow the Organic Agricultural Centre to become self-sufficient. September 2020 already ended on a positive note. "We are satisfied when we break even at the end of the year. Big profits are not our goal," says Stergiou. Instead, Giorgos Stergiou and his team want to bring organic agriculture in Greece out of its niche and promote it.

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