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Fair Trade

We have been active in Togo since 2000. Here you will find a selection of articles about our work on the ground and the situation in the country.


Profit-Sharing in Togo: Amount Doubled

This year, we have shared our turnover with 587 family farmers in Togo. We were able to increase the amount paid by a whopping 130 percent.

The rocky road to fair chocolate

Cocoa is too cheap for family farmers with limited land and low yields. We have a plan to change that.

The value of cocoa

Without cocoa, there can be no chocolate. And without the family farmers who grow these crops, there would be no cocoa. Millions of these family farmers live in poverty. Pricing is only part of the problem.

Pleasant developments in Togo

2019 was a successful year for gebana Togo. During this year, we worked with more female farmers than ever before and acquired some new exciting customers.

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