Sustainability in numbers

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Fair Trade Insights

Social and ecological considerations are are central aspects of our work. For this reason, we measured our sustainability targets numerically for the first time in 2016.

2016 saw the following achievements:

  • A new gebana operation was established in Benin, with 848 new farming families joining
  • 137 new jobs were created, for the most part in Africa
  • Numerous improvements were made to working conditions, including measures to increase workplace safety, establishment of a crèche in Burkina Faso, etc.
  • Employees in the developing countries also received a share of the profits.
  • The year-long research and development in the area of no-till farming (mechanisation of organic soy cultivation) came to practical fruition and was implemented in the fields for the first time.
  • Targets were set for the first time in relation to social and ecological considerations
  • The "Access to Market Platform" was launched, helping new producer groups to bring their products to market
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