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Since 2016 data on sustainability are an integral part of our yearly report. In the table below you can see all the relevant figures.

Sustainability Report 2018 - 1
Sustainability Report 2018 - 2

Focal topic: improving wages in the South

In 2017 we focused on wages at our subsidiaries in the South: all employees of gebana should be formally employed and receive statutory social benefits. Additionally, wages should not just be evaluated according to minimum wages but also living wages. The so-called living wage is calculated by independent organisations and reflects a wage that provides enough income for a life in dignity.

Our internal analysis concluded that there was room for improvement in Burkina Faso and Brazil. Furthermore, we noted restrictions for our workers in cashew processing as they were being paid per kg of processed nuts. This way, their effective working hours were not recorded. Accordingly, we first had to install new processes to report working hours correctly. When analysing the data, we noted large wage discrepancies which were eradicated through trainings and pay increases.

Improvements in 2018

In 2018 we continued to focus on improving the wage situation in the South. We managed to achieve this in larger parts, however not completely: In Burkina Faso employees still work too many hours and in Togo not all of the (seasonal) short-time employment contracts are officially reported. Both problems will be addressed in summer 2019.

Another great improvement was made for employees with piece-rate wages: In the future, instead of a monthly wage an hourly wage will serve as a benchmark. This wage will increase significantly and raise to 17% above minimum wage in 2019. For 2020 our goal is to reach 133% of the minimum wage.

The new working hour recording system put in place provides the necessary data for this.

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