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, von Michael Stamm Einblicke

I am Michael Stamm, 31 years old, born in Geneva, Switzerland. I newly work for gebana and during my first weeks here I will travel to all the gebanas in West Africa. I'm glad to share my experiences with you!

After being graduated with a master in international management I had the opportunity to be part of a new project with the goal to start a dry bulk shipping company. After 4 years in the company I was looking for a more ecologic and human oriented job. So I resigned and co-founded a small company called Maya Atman, which makes products out of real leafs in collaboration with a small Thai producer. As I couldn’t make a living with the small start up income, I decided to look for a job and let the management to my partner.

My path crossed gebana, a company I really share the values with. During my whole life I have been thinking a lot on how to create a more equitable world. gebana offers me the possibility to act for this goal.

Concretely gebana invests durably in the southern countries, creates structures to develop activities, assists with the management, and controls the supply chain in order for the producer to access an international market. My position at Gebana is to assist the Chief Operating Officer, who is in charge of the business unit production and trade.

Michael Stamm

In the next couple of weeks, I will tell you more about the adventures during my trips through West Africa. My first trip took me to Togo and I'll be happy if you would join me on my journey!

If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to aks.

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